One Word: Placed


A bit of a strange choice. I may be going out on a limb with this one–this piece of a past participle full of meaning.

Inspired by a real-life friend and by many in the blogging world, I wanted to pick one word to frame this year, to guide my goals, to shape a space where I can grow. (See more at and In my thinking and scrawling and skimming, a weird tense popped into my head: “placed.” I’ve been thinking and learning about displacement in 2012, through my sister who has worked with refugees and community development and wrote her senior paper about displacement, and through a community at Geneva College that seeks to understand both specific people and communities and the human condition in general as one of displacement and home-making. (

I know the value of place, of a philosophy of place, through these people and many more. But how often I rebel against where I’ve been placed and displaced in my own life. I like the concept, God, but I don’t actually want to be placed here, or here, or here…

This year I want to let the word “placed” soak in to my life. It has a range of meanings for me, and I’m both excited and nervous to discover more throughout 2013, but here are a few initial thoughts.

Placed:  I have been placed in a particular location, era, job, school, house, neighborhood. Where I am in life matters. I feel floaty knowing I am only in grad school for 2 years–heck, just a year and a half now–but I am here, and I want to be present to the people and places here. Jim Elliot said, “Wherever you are, be all there.” I don’t know if that’s feasible or even ideal in our age of technology, but we are nonetheless called to be where we are.

Placed:  There is a nuance of intention in this word. I have been placed here for a reason; it was a purposeful movement. I don’t necessarily think that my every choice is planned out by God while I am a puppet just moving through the steps. The will of God is bigger and broader and freer than that. But in all my willings and choosings, God in His providence works out His higher ways and has plans for me beyond what I can see when I make my choices. That is reassuring to me: I am not left to my own (poor) devices.

Placed:  Two words I’ve been reflecting on over the fall semester are “dwell” and “engage.” They make up opposite ends on the spectrum of placement. “Engage” has an active, intense feel to it; “dwell” evokes a restful, reflective state. But they are both very much tied up in being where you are: being placed.

Placed:  Finally, the nuance that convinced me that this will be my word for 2013. I am prone to escapism: to running away, to numbing myself, whether through media or busyness or hiding from life. When the going gets tough, I get going…away from the tough to something more pleasant and manageable. Don’t like a class? I’ll change my major. Don’t like winter? I’ll move somewhere warmer. If I don’t like a situation I’m in, I declare that I will run away: to a Protestant nunnery, to a Christian commune, to a cabin in the woods. Get me out of here–anywhere–just not here.

The escapist tendency is deep-set within me, and I believe it is not honoring to God. He has placed me here, on this earth, and I don’t get to choose my exit. He has placed me, and allowed me to be placed, here: in this situation, in that city, with those people, with these pains and promises all wrapped up together. I don’t know why He places me as He does, especially in the painful times. But He has placed me, I have been placed, and I want to look for the beauty and purpose in each moment, right here, no matter how small. I want to be present, to dwell and engage right where I am, instead of wishing away the days and running away from here. I want to count the gifts He places around me (to one thousand?) and not be blind to His touch and His work, in my life and in this place.

I am finding myself placed in 2013.